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Monday, July 18, 2011

Paracord Walking Stick

Barre Army Navy Store have a bunch of great customer's that ingeniously come up with all sorts of projects using our products. We have encouraged folks to write about what they are doing so that we can share. We received this article from Mark from Colorado Springs, CO. Thanks Mark!

Some time ago I received a walking stave as part of a training program. I couldn’t just leave it  plan and pretty like it came. I needed to ‘make it mine’ and seeing  I had a bag full of paracord I sat down for a weekend (or two) of work.

I had received the Turks Head Cook Book as a gift the month before and had been looking for a place to start a project worthy of my new found gift. I sat down and got to work. When I finished (but didn’t trim it yet) I discovered that covering a stave of that diamater would make it uncomfortable to walk with, SO! I took the whole thing apart and broke out with my trusty scout knife to whittle down the space I wanted it to fill, then I started again. After completeing a 6 bight, 17 lead turks head with coyote brown it didn’t fill the space as nicely as I’d hoped so I tied a 5b x 3l in black and a spanish ring knot using woodland camo to finish off the space. 

It worked very well but I noticed that higher up on the stave was getting dirty. One day on a hike I noticed while at a rest stop (happens often with Cub Scouts) I found that I was leaning on it instead of sitting down and the soiled section was where I was resting my hands. Another chance for another project! I wanted something simple but long and a 5b x 19l was just the thing. As I was tying it with your basic tan I wanted to add a little something to is (as knot tyers are want to do!) so I added the OD green for a 3rd pass, so it looked like my scout uniform. I left some space in it as I liked the length and also the added dimention of the wood behind it. At the top is another spanish ring knot out of royal blue. The idea was to add each color of scouting that I worked in but that got to be a lot, very fast.
The time put in has paid off time and again. I’ve shared the ‘art of knot tying’ with many who wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Parachute Cord is found here in several tests and a multitude of colors http://www.vtarmynavy.com/parachute_cord.htm

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