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Friday, July 22, 2011

Paracord Bracelet Jig from James in Woburn, MA

Once again Barre Army Navy Store has received a well written and interesting project this time from James in Woburn, MA. Barre Army Navy is very lucky to have such talented customers:

I remember watching videos on YouTube some time ago about people making these “survival” bracelets with Para cord and I thought to myself, hey I can do that. So after watching more videos I came across this channel called tying it all together and its creator was JD. He had some amazing videos that got me really intrigued and in fact had me so interested that I had to order some Para cord for myself just so I could start learning this new craft. The great thing about his videos are that he tells you where to get cord so I googled Barre Army Navy and placed my 1st order with them.
After a week or so I get my package from Barre Army Navy and I open it and immediately start watching videos again to refresh my memory of the stich that I had wanted to recreate. After a few mishaps and untying and retying the “Solomon” bar I was hooked. I had made my very 1st bracelet and I had felt a sense of accomplishment. This is where it started to really consume my free time. I had watched nearly all of JD’s videos and was recreating his works of art as my own.
This was approximately 6 months ago, now I have made and sold some of my works to friends and co- workers and I don’t currently see it stopping anytime soon. I have placed many orders with Barre Army Navy and their customer support is great.  Now they have created this group on Facebook that connects many different people with the very same likes of my own into 1 place where I can share my ideas and comment on others, and it’s there that I stumbled across a project I never even thought to make until now.
 A member by the name of Gert made this bracelet jig that I needed to have for myself. So once again I turn to my trusty side kick Google and start searching for Para cord bracelet jigs. I saw a few but nothing really good explaining how to make them but just too how you would use one. I keep digging through the search results and BAM there it was. The jig I was going to create as my own. Now I have a background in carpentry and cabinet making and if I had really thought about it I could have easily designed my own but why do the work when someone else already did so I print up these plans and run to home depot.

At the store I am looking at my list of materials I need, I gather them all together and rush home to start assembly.  I made my cuts, measure out what needs to be drilled and I assemble it. Now it all sounds easy but then my nemesis had showed its ugly head. I needed to cut a slot in the middle of the board to make it adjustable like the plans had shown, but without the correct tool to make it easy enough I needed to get creative. I didn’t have a table saw, so that was out. I didn’t have access to a jig saw so that was out! I had a chop saw and a dremel. Can’t use a chop saw so I was left with a dremel? Luckily for me it has an attachment that fit perfectly in between the 2 side rails, so now I found the bit that I needed but never making a cut like this I had to experiment.

So I start from the bottom and try to go up, yeah that definitely didn’t work. So I try to go top to bottom and it worked, and worked well actually. So I get the jig together attach the clips for the buckles and attach the printed ruler that I had gotten from the site. I look at it fully assembled and I realize I had made a few mistakes. So I let it sit for a couple days to try and work out the details in my head.

I screwed up the printed ruler on the original design, so that needed to be pulled off and replaced. So a quick run to AC Moore fixed that problem. Found a 36” Wooden Yard stick and cut to length & screwed it on and voila! Perfection! Then I needed to address the buckle situation so I had to pull them off, cut up some new blocks and re-measure the placement of them so that the ruler is actually useful.
Now that the problems have been addressed I have a fully working and VERY useful Para cord bracelet Jig! I ‘ve made a TON of bracelets without one and they are easy, but with this measuring and making one takes less time now than it did before just measuring out the cord to length! Thanks again Gert  for the idea and Barre Army Navy for making a community on Facebook for us all to share our ideas, and for your good prices and fast shipping on your Para cord products!

Be sure to get your Para cord at http://shop.vtarmynavy.com/parachute-cord-c24.aspx

James from Woburn, MA

Questions email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289.


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