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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cindy from Clarksville, TN - What got me started

 We here have been actively looking for writers for our blog. In case you have not noticed my writing style is a little "dry". Barre Army Navy Store has found a great resource in Cindy from Clarksville, TN. She identified a need and went out and designed her own business. Not to get melodramatic but America needs more people like Cindy:

“What got me started”
I love to sew and in the last few years I haven’t been able to with working a full time job.  The last time that I sewed I made my wedding dress and everything for our wedding.  Well when my hubby decided to join the “Army”  I wanted a ACU Purse, so I had ordered one and stuff was glued together and needless to say, “I thought to myself when we pcs(move) I will start working from home making these and other things because I can make them where they don’t fall apart”
So when we moved here I got everything together and started making these purses, wallets, and other items. That is when I discovered “Barre”!  I have to say that they have the best customer service and shipments always come so fast!  I love them!!
I have so much fun creating these items and it gives me such pleasure to know that these wives of military members are able to show their support for their spouses.
Here are some of the purses that I do, Everything I make is 100% customizable J www.facebook.com/luvnmysoldier  

See more of Cindy's Creations below, See camo cloth at http://www.vtarmynavy.com/camo_material_and_fabrics.htm:

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