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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Atlanco MRE's Meals Ready to Eat

Atlanco MRE's are perfect for many uses. MRE prices have seen some steep jumps in price in the last few months. Atlanco MRE's are less expensive, Coming soon we'll have singles!:

Atlanco MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)  Field Ready RationsAtlanco MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) Field Ready Rations -- Atlanco MRE (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) Field Ready Rations Perfect For Outdoor Use, Emergency Preparedness And Long Term Storage Fully Cooked And Do Not Require Water Shelf Storage Without Refrigeration Many Possible Ways To Heat Minimum Variety of Four (4) 8oz. Entrees Per Case of 12-Meals Menus May Change During Times Of Crisis or Natural Disaster Made in USA

Atlanco MRE's are 10% better made by US government contractors and have the same quality ingredients and shelf life. What is the shelf life of an MRE see http://www.mreinfo.com/us/mre/mre-shelf-life.html.

Want to see our other brands of mre's:

Case of MRE's with heatersCase of MRE's with heaters --this item comes with a flameless ration heater which is activated by water. nsn 8970-01-321-9153 (heater) 16.75" x 9.25 " x 11" 12 meals per case sure-pak 12 meals (12 of each: entree, side dish, desserts, cracker packs, spreads, beverages, and coffees along with condiments) direct from u.s. government contractor range of main entree types include: beef stew, beef ravioli, chicken w/cavatelli, black bean & rice burrito, cajun rice w/beef sausage, minestrone, beef w/mushrooms, spaghetti w/meat sauce, meat loaf, chili macaroni, grilled chicken breast, chicken & rice pilaf, cheese tortellini, jamaican pork chop, country captain chicken & others

Be Ready Pantry 14 Day Meal Supply

14 Day Portable Food Pantry delivers 42 delicious meals. 

Breakfast: Multi Grain Cereal, Blueberry Granola w/Milk, Strawberry Granola w/Milk

Lunch & Dinner: Pasta Roma, Black Beans & Rice, Mountain Chili, Spaghetti Marinara, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes and Chicken Gravy, Tamale Pie

XMRE Lite Complete Meals are extremely versatile and are made with some of the best components available on the military MRE market. They don’t require water or any hydration and are fully cooked so they can be eaten straight out of the pouch anywhere at any time. They have a long shelf life: 3 years for military components and one year for commercial components. Both lightweight and waterproof, these MREs are the perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers or anyone who is planning to be in a situation where they need food on the go. 3 to 4 different menus per case, military spec 8 oz each, 600 - 900 calories each.

The XMRE Main entree is 8 oz of fully cooked, US Military grade meals great for the outdoors, on the run, road trips, or emergencies. XMRE MRE Entree meals will provide proper nutrition, without adding water, while maintaining a long shelf life.

Questions or for bulk pricing email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 800-448-7965.


food solutions said...

You could certainly slurp down some of the MRE Entrees on the move. Might be a mess, but Chili with Beans, Sloppy Joe, etc. could definitely be eaten cold, out of the corner of the pack. Some of the Entrees are in bigger chunks that wouldn't be conducive to eating that way. The First Strike Rations are hard to come by -- they are purely military issue, and to my knowledge aren't readily commercially available. ration MREs meals ready-to-eat

Jeff said...

I've found that most meals ready to eat aren't so... tasty... but the meals in that 5 day gourmet kit were actually pretty decent! I'd definitely recommend them for anyone who's new to MREs.

Roman lesnar said...

Much thanks for this extraordinary post. XMRE