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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paracord new colors part 2

Barre Army Navy Store prospective new paracord colors are beginning to take shape. Below are 9 Perspective Colors. The flip side of this coin is what colors would you get rid of as well?

 Paracord is currently available in 450 test are (listed in order) #1 White, #2 Black, #3 Olive Drab, #4 Red, #5 Yellow, #6 Purple, #7 Turquoise, #8 Silver Grey, #9 Charcoal Grey, #10 Tan, #11 Chocolate Brown, #12 Royal Blue, #13 Kelly Green, #14 Gold, #15 Neon Pink, #16 Neon Turquoise, #17 Neon Yellow, #18 Dark Green, #19 Colonial Blue, #20 Navy Blue,# 21 Camo #22 Burgundy, #23 Orange, #24 Neon Orange, #25 Rose Pink, #26 Rust, #27 Neon Teal, #28 Imperial Red, #29 Neon Electric Blue, #30 Emerald Green, #31 Neon Green, #32 Walnut, #33 Foliage Green,  #34 Coyote Brown, #35 Red, White and Blue and #36 Rainbow. 450 test cord is available in 50', 100', 250', 500' and 1000' pcs. See Paracord page at http://www.vtarmynavy.com/parachute_cord.htm

Paracord Colors available in 550 test in 12 colors #1 White, #2 Black, #3 OD, #4 Red, #5 Desert Digital, #6 ACU Digital, #7 Mulitcam, #8 Woodland, #9 Pretty in Pink Digital, #10 Sneaky Pink Digital, #11 Purple Passion and #12 Bucky Blue. 550 test cord is available in 50', 100', 250', 500' and 1200' pcs.

Now Barre Army Navy Store has the opportunity to pick up more parachute cord colors --
other colors that are potentially available are F.S. Navy Blue, Goldenrod, Dark Brown (LL), Acid Purple,  Fall Camo, Hidden Camo, Carribean Blue, Khaki, Tan #499, Brown Camo, "m" Camo, Holly Jolly, Grapevine,  Cotton Candym Desert Foliage, Dayglow, Orange you happy,  Black Widow, Stryper, Harmony, Strawberry Fields, Royal Mountain and Creamsicle.

To stock and have quantity we have to make a large investment in each color for back stock. So what colors grab you and why? and the other question is would you like to see all colors in 550 and 450 or both and why?

Orange You Happy

Strawberry Fields

Royal Mountain



Desert Foliage Green


Holly Jolly

Honky Tonk


mason786 said...

all the new colors rock! I use them to lace up my roller skates for rollor skating. I love how I can have the ability to assesorize them with what I'm wearing when roller skating. I would like to purchase all new colors please. Thank you

Paula said...

I prefer the solid colors to work with. Please don't get rid of any of them. The new colors are pretty cool, just not what I would be looking for.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely buy some of each - probably 100ft. 450 preferred.


Anonymous said...

New colors rock!

kimberleesf said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the dayglow color!!! I think that the rust and chocolate brown are very alike...Keep the Rust and get rid of chocolate brown. Just my .2 :)

Anonymous said...

The new colors are nice but i agree with paula my husband like solid colors more. He makes key chains out of them.

Anonymous said...

There are only a few colors that you have that I do not order. PLEASE don't get rid of the chocolate brown...I use that one a lot. Here is a list of the ONLY colors that are in VERY LOW demand for me....
#3 olive drab, #12 royal blue, #20 Navy blue, #23 orange, #26 rust, #33 foliage green, #34 coyote brown.
The rest of the colors are in HIGH demand for me, and I prefer to do my ordering from you.

Lesley said...

Everyone to his/her own but I like the solid colors, maybe get rid of one of the dark greens.

I'd like to see you stock the mini-parachute cord. That stuff is fun to work with.

Seth said...

Those are nice, but I prefer and only use the solid colors.

Kim said...

I love them, hopefully you can post the other colors. I see that some people like the solid colors better, i do to at times but like everyone says they have their own preference. I would buy all of these in a heart beat 100fts 250 if i've got the money for it.

Anonymous said...

I like the new colors. Especially the orange ones. I don't like the purple yellow combos. They are too dull.

momrod2000 said...

I love the new colors. I have the royal mountain from another supplier and have had lots of requests for it.
I would like to see all of it in 550, due only to personal prefrence.

Anonymous said...

Looking for a 'thinner' paracord I found some on vacation in Keene Valley NY hope you can get! Thank-you!

bev huffman said...

awesome colors i would buy everyone

TOMMY P said...

I love them all people! Fot slmost 40 years now, I have made everything from tactical knives, to whole jackets, to hammer, plier, wrench and tool handles that don't slip off! I custom wrap knives, bows, steering wheels, rifles, walking sticks, water containers, belts, bras, and just about anything else you can imagine! I use 450, and 550, with up to 8 colors at a time, and combinations of both weights. I do gaelic knot work, good old navy knots, combine the cord with epoxy resins for hardening, I use heat to make custom handgun grips that don't even look like cord, x-acto knife custom handles, permanent pipe repair, protective netting for stock and demo derby cars, safety nets for boats, holsters, knife sheaths, handle wrap for almoost anything, and I don't use glue, staples, or crummy knots! If you think that knife handles and tactical bracelets are cool, you should see a fountain pen, or ice pic made from the cord! I have even made picture frames, jewelry boxes, horse tack, car dashboards, clipboards, flashlight sheaths, cabinet and door handles, lamps, handbags, purses wallets, hats, and so many other things its just sick!! A cord that was one size smaller, like a 350 test would be very cool! That way, I could lay a braid between other braids, for contrast strength and shadow color! So many things that you can do it's totally cool and amazing!

Trailh4x said...

I don't see any new solid colors. I have little to no use for multiple colored cordage other than camo'd. My vote: (1) Can these. (2) Keep all current.