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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Franconia Ridge a bobo

For Beau's Third Hike we chose the tried and true route of falling waters trail to Mt Haystack and then over the ridge to Mt Lafayette. The vertical gain being 3400 feet could validate Mr. Beau's ability to to take a steep climb over a short distance and check to see how he performed above the treeline.

By the way Beau had a much better week this week with no indoor poops. Now if we can just cure the barking.

We parked at Lafayette Place.There is a lot of construction going on in the Notch aka I-93 this year. In fact on  the way that we come (Route 2) expect long term construction delays in Danville, VT for the rest of the year. Beau and I just had to wait for logging by Marshfield Dam on 2.

There was little or no snow until after the second water crossing on Falling Waters trail. The crossing were all easily done although Beau loves the water and waded through in a few places.

At the final brook crossing there are several on this hike I put on my microspikes and the mono rail began earnest.  This trail switches back and forth as you climb so do not expect to reach the top after the first switchback. It has snowed overnight so a the snow melted got a shower in all the heavily wooded areas.

I stopped to change clothing before going over the crest of haystack and beau barked at 3 hikers who had stopped to eat lunch on top. We continued on and trail was unbroken with 3-5 inches of fresh snow that had drifted in places. As we began the run up to Mt. Lincoln I say a grey head pop ahead of us out of now where  and take off down hill. I said to my self what to hell is that doing up here (at 5000 feet plus). Shortly after I met two guys coming down from Lincoln who said it looked like a coyote and when it saw Beau and I it booked out.

We continued our traverse and Beau and I got some great pictures of the twins in the foreground and Mt. Washington behind while he made snow caves.

After we headed down to Greenleaf Hut and back to the car. Here is the great view all the way out.

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