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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is the difference between Noseeum Netting and Mosquito Netting?

As the weather warms and begins to get nice-- all sort of flying insects begin to emerge from the primordial swamps of your back yard. Speaking of which if you have any old tires with a little bit of water hanging around get rid of them as they are prime mosquito breeding territory. One way to beat the bugs is to use Mosquito Netting or Noseeum Netting. But what is the difference between the two?

Noseeum Netting has a holes per square inch factor of 625 holes per square inch. You get that factor by measuring an inch on either side and counting the holes and multiplying the two figures together.

Mosquito Netting has a holes per square inch factor of 200 holes per square inch.

Ok. So Mosquito netting 200 hsi vs Noseeum Netting 625 hsi. Mosquito Netting lets the air pass through more easily but will only keep out mosquitoes, flies, etc. Mosquito Netting will not keep noseeums or small flying gnats.

Noseeum Netting will keep all manner of flying insects out but retain more heat. So if you are in a warm humid climate you may find the Noseeum Netting extremely uncomfortable to sleep under.

How you do you hang Mosquito Netting? Well like most materials however you want. We have seen a lot of people hang netting with wood strips and screws. We have had people use magnets and glue. Really it is only limited by your creativity. Many people use Velcro. We would recommend not using sticky back Velcro in hot climates as it will fall apart.

Mosquito Netting and Noseeum Netting are easy to sew with a normal sewing machine.

Questions about  Mosquito Netting and Noseeum Netting email info@vtarmynavy.com or call 802-479-2289!

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