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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reliable Spike and Range Tents

Reliable Spike and Range Tents are made to pack well and set up easy. Reliable Canvas Tents are made to be your home in the outdoors. Unfortunately the price of Canvas has gone up significantly in the last year. Barre Army Navy Store suggests you get a tent now before the next increase:

Mountain Spike TentMountain Spike Tent -- is a range tent with 2' ft. or 4' ft. side walls. The side walls add a tremendous amount of roominess to the tent while maintaining the versatility and ease of use if the basic range tent. The mountain spike tent is available in the same sizes and materials as our range tents: 12 oz natural canvas, 10.10 oz Marine treated Army Duck Canvas or 10.10 oz Marine & Fire treated Army Duck Canvas. Poles are not included and are sold seperately. Tent has a sewn in floor. To see a picture of the tent with the door open, please see enlarged image. 8'x 8'x 2' (Center Height:7') 10'x 10'x 2' (Center Height:7'10") 12'x 12'x 2' (Center Height:9') 8'x 8'x 4' (Center Height:9') 10'x 10'x 4' (Center Height:9'10") 12'x 12'x 4' (Center Height:11')

Mountain Spike Tent PolesMountain Spike Tent Poles -- - Aluminum Single Pole For Mountain Spike Tent sizes: 8'x 8'x 2' 10'x 10'x 2' 12'x 12'x 2' 8'x 8'x 4' 10'x 10'x 4' 12'x 12'x 4'

Range Tent PolesRange Tent Poles --Range Tent Poles Available in sizes: 8'x 8' Inside Poles or Bi-Pod Poles 10'x 10 Inside Poles or Bi-Pod Poles 12'x 12' Inside Poles

The Kodiak - Spike and Range TentThe Kodiak - Spike and Range Tent -- The Kodiak evolved from the success of our Teton model. The Kodiak has a 12'x15' footprint and stands 9'6" at the center. The wall height is a full 3'. It has been designed to provide maximum headroom with the least bulk in a very popular size. A 12" sod cloth will allow you to seal up the bottom of the tent since there is no floor. The Kodiak sets up easily with 3 aluminum upright poles and 8 outside wall poles. Included with the Kodiak: poles ropes stakes tighteners sod cloth stove shield with flap heavy duty zipper door with outside flap and side release buckles window in center back

The Range TentThe Range Tent -- The Range Tent has many names. They have been called Spike Tents, Herder Tents, or Pyramid Tents. Whatever name you use, this style tent remains one of the most versatile and easy to use tents that there is. The Reliable Range Tent can be set up simply with an outside two pole system, a single interior pole, or by simply suspending the peak from a tree branch. We offer them in our 12 oz army duck material, utilizing a flame resistant vinyl laminated nylon material for the floor. We also offer them in a 10.10oz army duck material with marine treatment and the 10.10oz flame retardant army duck is also available. Poles are not included and are sold seperately. Included with the Range Tent: heavy duty zipper door with storm flap sewn in floor corner pull-out rings resin stakes guy ropes carrying bag Available in sizes: 8'x 8' (Center Height:6'9") 10'x 10' (Center Height:7'9") 12'x 12' (Center Height:8'9")

The Teton - Spike and Range TentThe Teton - Spike and Range Tent -- The Teton Tent is the perfect choice for spike camps and horse packers. This 4 season tent is made of 10.10oz. per square yard marine treated army duck. It is very durable, water repellent, and mildew resistant. A flame retardant version is also available. The roomy 10' x 10' floor size allows comfortable sleeping for up to four people. The roof design allows for extra headroom at the front of the tent for easy entry and more standing room inside. The front of the tent is 6'4" and rises up to 7'11" at the center. The walls are 2'6", making the floor space totally usable and the sewn-in floor keeps out cold wind and critters. Included with the Teton: zippered door large window in front door (not pictured) sewn in floor stove pipe shield packable lightweight aluminum poles stakes ropes carrying bag Total tent package weighs 42 lbs. (This tent is imported)

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