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Monday, March 7, 2011

Insect Nets

If you are going on a trip to warmer climes or just getting ready for spring and summer camping insect nets can prove invaluable to your enjoyment to the outdoors. Barre Army Navy Store has added several new offering to it's lines of Insect Nets. Insect nets come in several different types ones that have from one point, Insect Nets that are free standing and ones that hang from 4 points. Personal recommendation is to look hard at the free standing or one point types. Those Bed Nets are much easier to use:

Atlanco Mosquito NetAtlanco Mosquito Net -- Atlanco Mosquito Bar Fine Weave Polyethylene Fabric. Mildew Resistant netting. Tie tapes at each corner. Reinforced Stress Points. 99cm x 172cm x 208cm. Comes in a stuff bag for easy packing and storage.

Atwater Carey Single Sleep ScreenAtwater Carey Single Sleep Screen The original model Sleep Screen accommodates one person in a sleeping bag or on a bed. It comes w/easy-to-assemble 5-piece poles and a nylon stuff sack. Compacts to the size of a folding umbrella. Color: Black. Size: 34" x 22". Folded Size: 17" x 2.5" diameter. Weight: 10 oz. ~ 34" on a side x 22" high ~ Fire resistant nylon netting ~ Snap together fiberglass poles ~ No floor, just lift to enter.

Backwoods Mosquito NetBackwoods Mosquito Net --Backwoods Mosquito Net Ultra fine 196 polyester mesh. Rectangular shape. Fits over cot or bag. Suspends with poles or ropes (not included). Six reinforced tie tabs. Olive green color. Size: 32" x 78" x 59".

Camp Mosquito Net SetCamp Mosquito Net Set -- Camp Mosquito Net Set Camp Mosquito Net Set includes Mosquito Net Permethrin, Ben's 30 Wilderness and a Basic Head Net. F038 61600 F012

Equinox Mantis Insect NetEquinox Mantis Insect Net -- while not destroying insects as its name sake, this Mantis will thwart their attempts to gnaw on you. Pyramidal in shape, (w/ a bottom), the no-see-um canopy can be hung from a tarp, a tree limb or rigged from cord in a lean-to. An elastic drawcord with cordlock will snug the entry side around the sleeping bag and a 24" zipper provides easy access when you're ready to turn in. Loops for staking out at corners. 34" H x 33" W x 32" L. One Person. Manufactured by Equinox in the USA. Weighs 4.5oz.

Hikers Mosquito NetHikers Mosquito Net --an efficient compact mosquito net designed for the individual lightweight camper. The Hiker's Net offers a single point suspension, made from super fine 196 knitted polyester mesh.

Infant Mosquito NetInfant Mosquito Net -- protects infants against mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects in the great outdoors! Fine knitted polyester mesh. Elastic hem. Fits most carriages, strollers, baby carriers and over most "playpens". Size: 48 x 48 in.

Insecticide Treated Mosquito NetInsecticide Treated Mosquito Net -- is a four way hanging fine mesh mosquito nets supplied with hanging kit and stuff sack. Can be hung as a single point wedge, a two point wedge, a two point ridge or a four point rectangle. Treated with Permethrin, as recommended by the World Health Organization, for added protection against insect borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and encephalitis. Made in Thailand. Available in Double Cot Size(63"w x 79"l x 59"h)

Military Mosquito Net BarMilitary Mosquito Net Bar -- -79" L x 32" W x 59" H -Reinforced edges & double reinforced corners with ties for durability import -Fine marquisette weave for extra protective -Mildew resistant

Mosquito Bed NetsMosquito Bed Nets -- GI Plus Field size O.D. -size 78 x 31 x 54" -Reinforced edges and corners with ties -mosquito net 120 holes per square inch -Mildew resistant -Fits over cot or PUP Tent

Mosquito Nets Cot SetMosquito Nets Cot Set  includes Atlanco Mosquito Net, Ben's 30 Wilderness and a Basic Head Net. F038 4580 F012

White Double Mosquito NetWhite Double Mosquito Net -- ultra fine 196 polyester mesh. Rectangular shape. Fits over two cots or bags. Suspends with poles or ropes (not included). Six reinforced tie tabs. Size: 63 x 78 x 59 in.

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