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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Youth Ghillie Suits back in stock

Youth Ghillie suits in woodland camo in L/XL boys sizes are back in stock as as of 1/19. Youth Ghillie Suits have been one of the most popular items in our inventory in the last year. Interest seems to be from current world of warfare and other video games. We'll add to our inventory as other sizes and color come back in. We held the price for 2010 we have a slight increase to $44.95. Looking for adults ghillie suits Barre Army Navy Store has them in our Ghillie Suit section:

Kids Ghillie SuitKids Ghillie Suit -- $44.95 -- Just like Dad’s...our boy’s Camo suits are made of the same lightweight, breathable fabric that covers their entire body. Multiple shades of dyed, fire retardant synthetic camouflage fibers are attached to the hood, jacket and pants. There’s even a camo wrap to cover their rifle. Available in sizes S/M (fits average size 8- 10 years) Measurements on Jacket Chest 36, Sleeve 14, Length 24; Pants waist 26", length 25.5" these are approximated and can vary! or L/XL (fits average size 12-14 years) Measurements on Jacket Chest 38, Sleeve 15, Length 26; Pants waist 28", length 30" these are approximated and can vary!
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