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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love that Barre Army Navy Store

Being the retail business most days are less fulfilling in the love category. We here at the Barre Army Navy Store are quite human with feet definitely stuck in clay, we have good days, bad days and many in between but every once in a while you get an unsolicited note that makes you smile:

 "Thanks up front for the super service guys! I am at home on leave for a few weeks from Iraq. I need to ensure these boots are shipped quickly to my home address, so I will be able to wear them back for the return trip.
    I wanted also to thank Barre Army/Navy Store so very much for carrying outstanding (proven) products that have served me well in different theaters and between two services (USMC/USA) in the past years.  Most professionals learn to buy their own equipment based on proven dependability rather than rely on low bidder equipment sometimes the military asks us to be guinea pigs for(Oops! I was thinking that!).
     Know that in the last 10 years, when I BUY my own boots, it is always "BARRE" that I have went to! You have a combination of excellent media and easy to follow directions on-line for ordering. You have always been willing to ship where I go! Your company has always answered my emails within 24 hours with the few questions I had to ask. As with any "line"  Soldier, I understand simple, and I give an outstanding product when given the tools to succeed with. I can see the "care" in both the media information and product quality! Your company has been responsible for successfully outfitting me and many others, whether in 4-foot snow in Afghanistan or the fine sand of Iraq.  
    I am just one Soldier, one person, but I wanted your company and the personnel there that make this happen to know that, "I APPRECIATE IT AND ALL YOU GUYS DO TO MAKE US SUCCESSFUL!" Keep fighting the "good fight" with us! Very Respectfully!"
SFC John K. Lee

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