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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hunting Camo Netting

One of the longstanding uses for Camouflage Netting has been for hunting. If you put up a camo net and give some space between you and the netting the animals seem to be oblivious to your presence. This is great for duck, deer or any other type of hunting.

Desert Marpat Camouflage NettingDesert Marpat Camouflage Netting --  on 7'x 15' sections of Desert Marpat Camouflage Netting $34.95. This netting is not flame retardant Desert Marpat Camouflage Netting UV treated 100% waterproof Rot/mold resistant Effective 3-D digital pattern 3-D leaf like foliage lightweight, strong and durable Quiet and rustle free Treated to eliminate shine and glare Pliable in extreme temp ranges

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