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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Military Surplus Parachute

Military Surplus Parachutes can vary in size but this is a smaller parachute that is 15 feet in diameter. This is part of Barre Army Navy Store's Military Surplus Items. Barre Army Navy Store's military parachute also know as a extraction or drogue parachute would be great used as a decoration, shade or cover. This is a white parachute note chute actual size not shown:

15' Flare Parachute Canopy15' Flare Parachute Canopy -- 15' Flare Parachute Canopy Also known as Drogue Parachutes, these 15' Flare Parachute Canopies have lots of uses: shade cover, protect equipment, cargo load cover, slow drift fishing anchor. Color is white. Shroud lines are attached. These are new, but are slightly soiled from shelf wear.
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