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Monday, April 26, 2010

Multicam Camouflage T-shirts

Multicam Camouflage T-shirts are part of our large line of Camo T-shirts. Multicam T-shirts are available in short sleeve versions:

Multicam T-shirts -- in sizes Small through 3XL. MultiCam is a single camouflage pattern designed to help the wearer hide in varied environments, seasons, elevations and light conditions. It was designed to address the real-world need for concealment in different environments, with one basic kit of gear. HOW IT WORKS: Takes on the shade of the surrounding environment by adapting to varying local lighting conditions, the pattern blend in well in many environments, elevations, seasons, weather conditions and times of the day. Since only a small portion of the human eye perceives color, the brain does a lot of "filling in" for the eye. MultiCam takes advantage of this principle and helps the observer to "see" the pattern as part of the background. MultiCam relies more on a blending effect than a contrast effect to disguise the wearer. This effect allows it to perform in a wide range of environments and keeps the pattern effective even at close distances.
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