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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Military Surplus Wool Blankets

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What's This?

Military Surplus Wool Blankets are generally tighter wool than many new wool blankets. Military Wool Blankets are also used with the amount of wear varying usually from style to style. The best blanket in our inventory currently is the French Large Wool Blanket the amount of use is almost nil, they are 100% wool blankets and the size is 70 x 90 inches. Next best in my opinion is the French green wool blanket which is 70% wool has some use and the size is 60 x 80.

British Hospital Wool BlanketBritish Hospital Wool Blanket -- $19.95 -- British Hospital Wool Blanket Wool/Nylon, Approximately 64"x84." Color: white. used good condition

Czech Sleeping Bag BlanketCzech Sleeping Bag Blanket -- $7.95 -- Czech Sleeping Bag Blanket Very nice Czech blanket. These can button into the Czech 3pc sleeping bag system. Made of a soft acrylic blend with a satin trim. They come in an assortment of colors. Sorry, no choice in clors. Measure 64" x 71". Used in #1 condition.

French Large Wool BlanketFrench Large Wool Blanket -- $34.95 -- French Large Wool Blanket are French military surplus wool blankets. Size is 72x90 inches condition is used good. Fabric is 100% wool, packing papers said made in 1951. Wool is grey/brown and the tight scratchy style. These are a one time find.

German Wool BlanketGerman Wool Blanket -- $19.95 -- German Wool Blanket color is grey Used (good condition!) wool blanket. Shades vary and so does the color of the lettering. Size: 51" x 80".

Military Irregular Wool BlanketMilitary Irregular Wool Blanket -- $23.95 -- Military Irregular Wool Blanket New, Military Government Contract Wool Blankets with irregularities that can include slight weave imperfections or splotchy coloring. 66" x 90" 100% Loom woven wool

Surplus French OD BlanketSurplus French OD Blanket -- $22.95 -- SURPLUS G I FRENCH O.D. BLANKET ORIGINAL FRENCH GOVERNMENT ARMY ISSUE GOOD QUALITY 60'' X 80'' SOFT WOOL, Fabric is ~ 70 wool/30 blend.

Swiss Reproduction Wool BlanketSwiss Reproduction Wool Blanket -- $19.95 -- Swiss Reproduction Wool Blanket Beautiful copy of the original Swiss Army blanket. Brown with a red stripe and hand sewn white cross on each end. Measures 60" wide x 80" long, weighs 4.4lbs, 70% wool/30 Blend.

US Surplus Wool BlanketUS Surplus Wool Blanket -- $19.95 -- Approximately 64"x90." Color: Olive Drab. Nice condition more picky all wool Blanket and thinner than European variations.

Vintage Blue Wool BlanketVintage Blue Wool Blanket -- $21.95 -- Vintage Blue Wool Blanket Civil war design. Beautiful and oversized richly woven Deep Blue with Red accent stripes. 55% wool. Measures approx. 60" x 80". Brand New.

Vintage Grey Wool BlanketVintage Grey Wool Blanket -- $21.95 -- Vintage Grey Wool Blanket Civil war design. Beautiful and oversized richly woven Warm Gray with Yellow accent stripes. 65% wool. Measures approximately 60" x 80". Brand New.

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