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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nylon Flight Jackets

As part of the cold weather uniform for first the Army Air Corps and then the Air Force flight jackets have been a staple item for a long time. Nylon flight jackets are not flame retardant --the material will melt. Nylon though is much less expensive than flame resistant Nomex. As a rule flight jackets run small and we suggest going up one size in many cases. Pictured is a MA-1 Flight Jacket. Also available is the CWU-45P Flight Jacket the major difference is the CWU-45P Flight Jacket has a pointed nylon collar. Note double click chart to make bigger. As usual the chart needs some interpretation units are in centimeters unless noted (2.54 cm are in one inch). Dimensions shown are the dimensions of the coat not you size.

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