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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water and Food Preparation Products

Water and Food Preparation Products are important as emergency supplies, for camping and hiking, hunting and of course for emergency or disaster supplies. The category is spit between water purification and cooking related items.

Water Purification products...If you read opinions from survival experts the estimates of the days you can live without water are 2-4. If you drink bad water, the side effects can be awful.

Water has to be purified by boiling, chemical treatment, UV sterilization, or filtering.

Water has to be boiled at a rolling boil for 1-3 minutes depending on your elevation to make it safe to drink.

Chemical treatment can be done using a number of compounds like clorine dioxide or iodine variations. We offer Aquamira® and Potable Aqua products as well as a Military Water Purification Tablet that is Chlor-Floc. All are good short term water purification options particularly as part of a bag or kit. Household bleach can also be used as a water disinfectant in the right concentration but carrying a bottle of bleach around might be difficult.

Filtering of water is done by using a gravity or pump filter to push the water through the unit.

The size of the particle that can be filter varies. The items in this category are quick portable solutions such as Frontier™ Emergency Water Filter System, but we have heavier duty MSR water purifiers here.

Cooking can be done on a range in your home but for a survival pack you want something light that does not take up much space. Perfect for this is the Esbit Stove--did you know that esbit stands for (Erich Schumms Brennstoff in Tablettenform or Erich Schumm's Fuel in Tablets) there are pluses and minuses to this type of stove but for emergency use it is great. When I first entered used C-Rations in 1979 this type of system was key to heating the canned rations. Also part of the package at that time was p-38 can opener which opened the standard can with 38 turns. The p-38 and it's larger version the P-51 still have a cult following today.

Another low size, weight and cost item is Sterno. Sterno aka gold blaze is a quick reliable way to heat food. I would suggest making a quick stove by cutting the sides of a coffee can with a p-38 and pushing them in so that the air will flow through the can and aid the flame.

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