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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

550 Cord

We had a good question from a customer this weekend about 550 cord aka paracord aka parachute cord and the list goes on. "How UV resistant is paracord?". Although we have a lot of the specs and characteristics of 550 cord on our site let's recap.
We sell parachute cord in a 450 test and 550 pound test. 450 pound test paracord has 4 fibers inside the outer casing of the cord. 550 pound test has 7 fibers inside the outer casing.
Other than you will notice more of a flatness to the 450 cord it is hard to tell the difference. All the cord that we sell is commercial cord. Mil spec 550 test cord is much more expensive and has a special wind inside the fibers that distinguishes who the manufacturer is.
450 test cord is available in 34 colors currently. 550 test is available in 8 colors.
Both are available in lengths from 50 feet to 1000-1200 feet. 50 and 100 foot pieces are available in hanks. 250, 500, 1000 and 1200 foot pieces are on spools. Some spooled pieces are not always continuous. In other words a 1200 could be 500 and 700 feet.

The material the parachute cord is made out of is nylon made in the USA.
Here is what the manufacturer said about UV protection on 550 Cord "
Yes...the cord is U.V. protected.
The paracord you buy from us is 100% nylon. Nylon fiber is inherently U.V. inhibited. Adding color to nylon fiber also adds U.V. protection as well.
This cord holds up very nicely in outdoor applications."

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