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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Camp Supplies

Army Navy Stores have always been a low cost place to equip your child to go off to camp. Especially in these times any army navy store may be the answer to supply you child with inexpensive high quality summer camp supplies.

One classic item is the duffle bag. Duffle bags can be either the traditional version that loads from the top or a newer variation that zips on the side. People often ask what is the best size and style to get. Our answer is the middle size 25 x 42 with a zipper. The sizes are 21x36, 25x42 and 30x50. The 21x36 is to small for many applications. The 30x50 when filled is very heavy unless the items carried are quite light. The middle size for school or travel is best for most, note size are measured with the bags laid flat. The top loading duffle is the original style but what you want or need is always on the bottom. The bag that features the zipper are more useful because you can get from top to bottom and side.

Another option are trunks. Trunks can vary from the inexpensive cardboard variety to steel or cedar trunks. If you want a trunk that will last I would go with the steel trunks.

Laundry bags have been used by the military for many years. We have laundry bags in canvas, nylon or mesh. The canvas is easy to wash.

Bug repellent is a must, despite some bad press Deet works but what concentration is safe for children. The recommedation from many sources is that for children under 13 you should use with a concentration of deet of 20-30 percent or less. Low Deet repellents generally are supposed to be just as effective as the higher DEET ones but the duration of time that they last is supposed to be 4 hours instead of 10 for the higher deet versions. Another alternative are insect netting jackets and pants, the problem is that insect netting garments are hot as they retain heat.

Insect nets to go over cots or beds are important to sleeping in outdoor structures or primitive areas. Insect nets are generally either available in nets that hang from one point or 4 points over a bed. Netting varies but all of our nets are at least 150 holes per square inch which is the WHO minimum standard for mosquito netting. We think that nets that hang from one point are easier to employ than the four point mosquito nets but the four point style adapts well to bunk beds and has been used by campers for years.

First Aid kits for cuts, bumps and bruises are nice to have.

Plastic Canteens for carrying water are classic but also see updated version made of bpa free Stainless Steel. The sizes that are most easy to carry are about 20-30oz.
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