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Monday, May 11, 2009

Parachute Cord Whips

What's This?

Whips made from our parachute cord are one of the cool uses that someone has come up with for paracord. We got this letter from John K. on how he makes whips out of our paracord. John is on a disability so please buy a whip from him today:

Hi Steve,

This is a basic start for creating Para cord nylon whips. If you would like more: as in adding chapters so to speak, just let me know, and I'll keep writing. I'll call you Monday afternoon to place my order.


John Komski


Hello Everyone!

I'm John K. and I am a whip maker. Steve of Barre Army and Navy asked if I could shed some light on making a whip. Well I said "I would be more then glad to!" If you have never made a whip before, I would like to help you with the most important parts of leaning to make a whip and this is the very basics of plating (braiding) You have to know how to plait before even attempting to make a whip.

Now all I am going to do for now is lead you in the right path to leaning the basics of making a Para cord - Nylon whip.

Ok! First of all let me say that you came to the right place! Barre Army & Navy has everything you need to make a Nylon whip from the most basic to the finest whip that can be made! This Store is just awesome! From Nylon Para cord (Parachute Cord) to sinker cord plus all the colors one can imagine.

Now for some of the Plaiting basics. I'm going to teach you the basic 3 ply* braiding or plaiting; and if you can do this, you can plait with more strands. To get you started; so that in the near future if you decide this is what you would like to to do; then you will have some knowledge already on whip making.

First you need to get your self some nylon para cord (*for basic plaiting) I recommend the 650 or the 550 mill strength. Take a piece about 6' long, and cut it into 3 equal parts so your now working with 3 2' lengths. Take out the inner white strands there will be (4) of them and discard; (or save if you like.)

I would recommend a vise of some type but if you don't have one you can take the end with the knot in it and fasten it to a chest of drawers or put a loop on the end and have it hang on some kind of handle. (Door handles work good, make sure the door is shut though!) Now you have 3 pieces of Nylon para cord hanging in front of you try to make this as comfortable as you can when sitting down try to have it at chest level and if you decide to stand try not to have it any higher then shoulder height.

(This is the basic formula for plaiting a 3 plait strip - this is an introduction to basic plaiting. You need this before move onto creating a 4 plait whip) Now for some basic plaiting. General basic 3 plait; if you have any questions pertaining to whip making you can email me. My email is listed on the bottom of this article.

From left to right we will go as the far left side will be "A" then the middle will be "B" and the far right side will be "C". At this time it is a good idea to take some white colored masking tape and mark the letters on these at the bottom of the strands.

Lets get started! First take strand "A" and cross over strand "B" so "A" is now laying on top of strand "B". Now take strand "C" and cross over strand "A" then take "B" from the left side and cross over strand "C" then on the far right side take which is now strand "A" and cross over strand "B" you should see it starting to form a nice 3 plait. Repeat this formula and you will end up with a string of a 3 plait strand. It's basic yes; as you look at it, imagine 3 other sides to it and you'll have a 12 ply plait! There are so many ways to plait, and using 2 and more colors adds to the depth of how many different plaits you can create!

I am now going to recommend a few Excellent books that can help you on your way to making very nice nylon whips.

"How to make whips" by Ron Edwards a very knowledgeable book.

For plaiting I would like to recommend:

"Leather Braiding" by Bruce Grand.

Also any books by David Mogan!

All of these are great for learning the skill and art of whip making.
Like I said earlier in this letter if you have any questions I can be contacted at mi_whips@live.com

Thank you and hope I have been of some help.
If you have the time check out my site I know you will like it!
John K. of http://miwhips.com/ real whips for real peoplehttp://miwhips.com