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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tiger Stripe Clothing including t-shirts, pants, shirts, hats and shorts

Tiger Stripe is one of my favorite camouflage patterns. Tiger Stripe Pattern was developed for close combat in the jungle during the Vietnam War according to Wikipedia. The pattern mimics the stripes of a tiger's back.

In addition there were many variations in the pattern that have sprung up.
Tiger Stripe Clothing consists of t-shirts, pants, shirts, hats and shorts. Fabrics tend to be 100% cotton or Poly Cotton Twill. Patterns range from the bright Vietnam jungle camouflage to the darker Tiger Stripes more suited for hunting in dark coniferous forests.

Tiger Stripe T-shirts are available in the Dark Tiger Stripe Print or the new digital Tiger Stripe favored by the Air Force.

Pants and Shirts are available in bright and darker tiger stripe Vietnam Jungle patterns, Desert Tiger Stripe patterns and Grey Tiger Stripe tactical prints, Urban Tiger Stripe prints and vintage Tiger Stripe Vietnam era reproductions.

Tiger Stripe Hats are available in Boonie and fatigue styles. The Tiger Stripe Boonie or Jungle hats have several color variations. The Tiger stripe Fatigue Cap is only available in the dark Tiger Stripe. 

Tiger Stripe Shorts are available in dark and bright Tiger Stripe as well and desert Tiger Stripe.
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